September 23, 2018

Let's talk about... Sex! 

 just a second.  But first,...

Let's talk about.... Academia!

Academia touts the value and depth of art, and does a pretty decent job teaching the difference between it and entertainment, if I do say so myself.

Heck, I spent every cent I had (and didn't have) just to fill myself with as much of this literature as possible.  And man, Western Art Music is amazing.  Profoundly something.  I love those wacky, white, male, deceased composers as much as anyone.  Sincerely, these rascals wrote some Good Art Music. 

But it raises an interesting question... Did hundreds of years of attrition do the hard work of discerning musical quality for us, or are we learning discernment skills for our own selves?  And who, exactly, determines what art is?  Who determines what is and is not worthy enough [or lofty enough] to be taught?  Who determines from which musical genres art can come from?  Was it...

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