June 21, 2018

Spoiler: it was actually a single mighty clap of thunder, but I wouldn't know that until 9:30 pm the next day.


After 8 years, I finally decided it was time to get physical therapy to manage the chronic hip pain lingering after my final pregnancy.  I was shocked to discover that my physical therapist and I share the same philosophy: his for pain, and mine for choral breathing.  In two wildly different professions, the commonality of philosophy is in the mind-body connection.

I've discovered through working with him that my hip doesn't actually hurt, I only think it does.  I buy into this theory-- it certainly sounds like me.  My hip hurt(s) because 1) I remember that it used to hurt 2) I'm afraid it's going to hurt again 3) I do some (ineffective) things so that it won't hurt anymore 4) I know it's going to hurt  5) I'm prepared for it to hurt 6) I protect it  7) I'm hypervigilant looking for signs that it's going to hurt again, and then 8) it hurts.  The...

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