February 10, 2019

I knew this storm was coming, so I prepared.

The kids were already bickering early this morning, so I tossed them breakfast and escaped outside to shovel snow.

I shoveled a stripe through the driveway and thought about getting the mighty minivan up the slope for our Sunday morning obligation.  I tossed a shovelful of snow.  I heard the cadence... "For them"

I wondered if I was doing this right.  Is there a better way?  Who cares, it seems to work.  Just get the stuff off the driveway.  Get it over with.  I tossed the next shovelful harder and a little further  "For me"

A hummingbird zipped overhead and another one came to drive it away.  I love maintaining the feeders year round even though it's a pain when it freezes outside.  These are my birds.  I'm committed to caring for them.  Another shovelful "For them"

Why is my face wet?  Everything is dripping.  Maybe it'll just melt some if I leave it alone.  Plus, it's probably go...

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February 10, 2019

March 21, 2018

December 21, 2017

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